Games of 2016

This post will be something else than my usual posts about photography. I've always had a passion for games and I seldom find myself time to write about them, but I wanted to wrap up my experiences of 2016 somewhere. This is a list of noteworthy stuff that you definitively should check up if you have the time.

Best single-player

The Last Guardian was a game I had been waiting for since it was announced. I'll admit, I never played ICO (still have that HD remake to get through) but I absolutely adored Shadow of the Colossus. The art and the gameplay mixed perfectly together in a touching story. The Last Guardian is no exception to this. Never have I ever felt such a connection to a character that's not even played by me. Trico's expressions and animations are really powerful in this story of a boy and his animal friend. While the gameplay can feel frustrating at times, I found myself accepting it more on a basis that Trico isn't human, rather than some mechanics in the game.

I do think this game delivered on the promise and expectations that was set when it was announced. I did however play this game on a PS4 Pro, which apparently has less frame rate issues (if that stands in your way that is) in comparison to the base model.

Best multiplayer

I'll admit, I'm a complete sucker for FPS games. I like how frantic they can be and how a good match can make you feel like a complete champion. My favourite game this year was without a doubt Titanfall 2.

Titanfall 2 just manages to deliver something that feels snappy. When you're doing good in this game, you feel like you deserved it and earned it. The variety of play styles sure is noticeable as you both can customise your own loadout but also the loadout of your mech. And man, does it feels good to play as the mech.

I'm sad to see that I for some reason seem to be one of a few that picked this game up. Except it's multiplayer, it sports a really good campaign as well with some twists to its gameplay that are really smart.

Best soundtrack

While I have my grudges with Final Fantasy XV, the soundtrack put together by Yoko Shimomura really stands as a highlight. The sense of exploration and wonder surely shines in the music as you go through the adventure with Noctis and his fellow dudebros. With fanfares ravaging the empty plains while you work your way to your destination, while somber tones of sadness and hope plays in moments of where you awe at the art direction.

Best VR experience


Honestly, I hadn't touched a VR headset since trying it out at a design expo in Tokyo during my trip there in 2014, but I was already then sold at it. When Sony decided to bring a "slightly" more affordable headset out to the market I decided to get on the train as fast as possible. And you know what? Despite quite few experiences coming out so far that have caught my attention, I don't regret it a single bit. VR surely brings something new to the table. Which is why I was so glad to see that Rez Infinite brings back one of my favourite games in a new dimension. And then were just talking about the base game, while Area X really shows how immersive something that's out of this world can be. As with any VR game, it's hard to explain what's so good until you try it out yourself, but I hope more people can do that soon.

Worst gameplay experience


I don't feel like writing a really long paragraph about this, but honestly; fuck you Overwatch loot boxes. What have I ever done to deserve to not get rewarded for my honest to god effort of playing good? Give me something god, not only sprays and duplicates that transform into so little credits that it's not even worth anything. I feel like this thing breaks my experience with an otherwise great game so much that I don't feel like coming back to it anymore.

Game I enjoyed watching others play the most

Let's be real, you don't always have time to play all the games yourself which is why it can be nice to just look at somebody else having a go at it. Hitman was definitively a highlight for me, especially the content from Giant Bomb. There's so many highlights from their plays, so I'll leave you with this compilation from Youtube user carachmegil.

And that's that! There's probably a lot of games that I'd like to write more about, but I thought that this was a nice beginning at least. Thanks for reading and if you'd like I'd love to hear your thoughts (and maybe your game of the year?) in the comments below!