What's in my bag?

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Hi Bellamy and all the amazing people reading Japan Camera Hunter!

My name is Hampus Andersson and I’m a soon-to-be 25 year old guy in Sweden. I work as an information clerk for my countys local transportation company, but usually do a job or two by the side as a photographer. I’ve had a big fascination for cameras and Japan (also how I found this great site) and have been combining that during my travels to Japan for the past years.


The cameras I take with me varies from time to time. Usually I bring my lovely Olympus OM-D EM-5 to begin with. It’s a small and great camera and I love it’s immense amount of style. It’s either mounted with a Nikon-M43 adapter and the Samyang 85mm/1.4 or a Olympus 45mm/1.8 lens. I love the perfomance of both!

Then comes the hard choice of picking one of my analog cameras. First out is my Rollop TLR. It’s half-broken as the shutter doesn’t shut at correctly at longer shutter speeds (1/50 is the longest). I have a case for this camera with a strap connected to it, not in picture though. But I just love the pictures that come out of it. I usually go for the Porta 160 film when loading it.


I bought the Yashica Electro 35GS just a year ago so I haven’t really had so much time shooting with it. I’m amazed over how nice it handles low light situations. I’ve been trying out lots of different films in it, but I’m messing around with B/W film for the first time!

My love for the Instax Cameras from Fujifilm totally started during my first trip to Japan where I saw a lot of people use them. I bought a smaller one in the beginning and I was really satisfied with the results (combined with the low price for the film, in comparison to other polaroid film). I later upgraded to the Instax Mini 210.

I often bring a USB-battery, a USB-charger, some extra batteries. It’s lightweight, but it fits my needs. Oh, and my iPhone, which has helped me in many situations. It’s a great tool, both for last minute information and help as well as taking pictures with.

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